Copal Gris Incense Sticks


Copal Gris is a resin from the Copal tree, native to Mexico and South America. Traditionally, the resin was used by burning it in charcoal by the Mayans and Aztecs during ceremonies and rituals.

Wild harvested from Oaxaca, Mexico. A sacred and clean scent reminiscent of ritual and ceremony. Packaged and designed in house by Yarrow Goods. Each Kraft tube contains 10 sticks, burns approximately 1 hour each.

Made of 3 ingredients only. Reed, charcoal and lots of large Copal "lagrima" or resin crystals for the aromatics. No fillers or perfumes ever used. 

As a daily ritual, we start the day with burning a stick of Copal. We set our intentions on bringing positivity to our environments or deeds and clearing negative energy. It is said that the rich and billowy smoke of the copal carries your thoughts and intentions to heaven.